path of the silver fox 


Writings of the silver fox:

dsc_0037 (1)
autumn leaves on a pond

Tykhe Dice. We as human beings are psychologically hard wired to both notice and respond to symbols.

fox and moon (2)

Tykhe Dice


That very ancient practice of casting dice.


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To make magic from the verb spell, to set out the letters of a word properly as can be 'spelled' in words of power as used on amulets, rings, weapons and the writings upon tombstones. 


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Witch Runes


Witch Runes each set hand made to order, these can be with our imagery or as a bespoke set with the imagery of your choice, very much depending on the what the images mean intuatively to you.


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The seasons and ritual.

Magical pathways.


This sacred isle.

The silver fox.